2012 | 7 mins

Gamin Coy is seeking re-election. A meeting with a local student proves to be the perfect opportunity for Mr. Coy's policy announcement. But not everything goes to plan.

Director: Clare Conway
Writers/Producers: David Conway, Malcolm Lynch
Gamin: Ben Brock
Sasha: Lisa Bryant
Eddie: Kyan Saunders
Uncle: Malcolm Lynch
Cinematographer: Adrian Reinhardt
Editor: Clare Conway
Makeup Artist: Samantha Murdoch
Production Assist: Matthew Clarke
Faux Boom Rec: Katharine Collinson
Sound Recordist: Dean Roche
VO Artist; Justin Conway (JCVP)
"Election Campaign" by Jack Waldenmaier (BMI), publisher Music Bakery Publishing (BMI). Music provided by SmartSound.
Cargo Collective
Melbourne, Australia