2023 | 44 mins

Second Chance Champions delves into the curious world of organ donation through an international sporting event for transplant athletes.

Available on 10Play now and Paramount from Jan.

Director: Liam Bagnall
Written By: Clare Conway
DOP: Tim Fitzgerald
Additional Camera: Liam Bagnall
Editor: Clare Conway
Sound Recordist: Jason North
Executive Producer: Kirsty Muddle Mandie van der Merwe Avish Gordhan Tim Anderson Roz Scrimshaw Sarah McGregor Trent Hendrick Guy Lovell James Millen
Producer: Sandy Madden Craig Sloane Kean Szczur Monique Horsley Liam Bagnall
Composer: Smith & Western Sound
Colorist: Tim Egan Sound
Mix: Final Sound
Design By: Mike Papa Photography: Daniel Mazzarella
With Thanks: Transplant Australia Year Of Production : 2023 Country and Language of Origin: Australian / English

Cargo Collective
Melbourne, Australia